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Plywood is a wooden panel made from thin sheets of wood. Due to its flexibility, affordable price, and reusability, Plywood is widely used. This product is preferred over solid wood due to its high resistance to cracking, shrinking, warping, and twisting.

Types (based on wood):

1- Softwood: This type of product is made from softwoods such as cedar, pine, or fir, and is commonly used for construction and industrial purposes.

2- Hardwood: This type of product is made from hardwoods such as oak and has excellent strength, hardness, and resistance to decay. Plywood made from hardwoods has higher surface shear strength and impact resistance.

Types (based on adhesive):

1- Melamine adhesive 2- Water Boil Proof (WBP) adhesive


The sheets are typically produced in dimensions of 4×8 ft (1.22×2.44 m) and in various thicknesses. The commonly used thickness for concrete formwork is 18 mm.

Formwork Oil:

To facilitate easier demolding, the use of formwork oil is recommended. The formwork oil used for plywood should be water-based to prevent surface damage.

Asan Form Kimia is a well-known and reputable supplier, exporter, and importer of various types of plywood in Iran.